After being taken from an overcrowded home, 10 dogs from East Millinocket are ready to be adopted.

Where Did the Dogs Come From?

We love stories with happy endings. This one started out sad, as East Millinocket Police were called to a home on Main Street on August 2nd, by community members who were trying to break up a dog fight. One of the dogs was unfortunately killed as a result of that fight. The rest were taken to the Penobscot Valley Humane Society and then fostered at Katahdin Kritters Pet Resort. Also removed from the home were a cat and a pig, who have now found their forever homes.

Are the Dogs Doing Well?

Now for the happy part of our story. 10 of the dogs are ready to be adopted. They've been pampered and happy with Katahdin Kritters, but it's time for them to find their own families. Katahdin Kritters owner Kelly Seile tells us they got a surprise this week when puppies were found in one of the dog's pens. A video of some of the dogs up for adoption demonstrated how well they've been treated.

Which Dogs Are Up for Adoption and How Do We Meet Them?

The folks at Katahdin Kritters Pet Resort put out a list today of the individual dogs up for adoption and their specifics. Seilie cautions people interested in adopting, however, that they don't have any information about how old the dogs are, their past health history, or how well they'll get along with other dogs and/or children.

A rehoming fee of $350 will be charged, to cover the cost of shots and spay/neutering. For more information about meeting the dogs, contact Katahdin Kritters Pet Resort in East Millinocket and ask for the owner, Kelly.

Penobscot Valley Humane Society also has some of the dogs removed from the East Millinocket home, including a pitbull mix that just had puppies. (insert 'awww!' here) Contact them about if and when those dogs will be available for adoption.

Thanks to everyone involved in helping these pups find their forever homes. We wish them and their new families a lifetime of happiness.

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