Little did this couple know what was lurking overhead when they pulled over near Millinocket for a quick photo.

It was late on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 18, when these two people on a road trip through central and northern Maine stopped the car and took a selfie. Maybe the reason for their stop was that they may have admired the pristine Maine lake in the background and wanted a memory of the journey, but what they didn't count on or even see, was the object high overhead and lurking in the photo's background.

What was it?

Via UFO Stalker
Via UFO Stalker

The photo made its way to a family member the next day and that's when the mystique set in. The photo was uploaded to along with the following caption:

"The attached photo via text message, from my sister-in-law and her boyfriend on tuesday september 18, 2018. they were on a road trip near millinocket maine and unware of the object shown in the background sky over boyfriend's head. photo was taken on tuesday september 18th at 5:01 p.M. us edt. my wife first noticed the object in the image. we have zoomed and filtered, but cannot discern what it is. at first we thought it to be a drone, but after studying it, are still unsure of what it is. the picture is in it's original form, unaltered."

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