See the Man with a big time sunburn. Maybe the worst ever. And you’ll also see some pretty large stingrays.  Although the guy you’ll see near the end of the video is oblivious to those stingrays that are so close to him.  Maybe when you’re that sunburned it affects your eye sight.

If I’ve ever been that sunburned in my entire life I sure don’t remember it. He must be from away and he flew to Florida and immediately went to the beach and spent hours and hours just sitting in the hot, beating sun soaking up the rays. Without any form of protection. No sun block.  No umbrella.  No nothing.  Not a smart choice.  What to do? In an article in Huffington Post, here's what you and your family need to know.

If you ask a dermatologist they’ll tell you to take pain relievers.  One quick thing you can do too is apply milk to your skin, the proteins in cold milk will soothe the burnt skin.  Hydrocortisone cream two to three times a day for up to a week can help, as will aloe vera gel.  Up your vitamin D intake to speed up healing. Avoid rubbing alcohol, and butter or petroleum jelly.

The video has gone viral of course, and the poor guy has been nicknamed Hell Boy and one comment said he resembled a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto.  He’s probably back in Iowa or wherever he’s from and hopefully he’s not in too much pain. Remember:  Sunblock rocks


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