Earlier this morning, I was reading a story from one of our sister stations down in Portland. The other "Q" as a matter of fact. They were discussing how a park in South Portland put hundreds of little red flags all over a park downtown, that were spots where dogs had made messes that owners hadn't cleaned up.

For 100 reasons, not cleaning up after your dog is a huge problem. For instance, it's chock full of bacteria, and other things that could make people sick, or other animals. Also, it gets into the water table and washes down streams and rivers, as it prepares to float down and pollute pretty much every bit of water it touches. And, it's just straight up icky.

So on April 20th, they're hosting an April Stools Day. There's others like it all over New England. There's one the same day in Lake Champlain, Vermont for instance. Or there's one in Portland proper later in the month of April. Should we be doing something like that around here? I wrote earlier in the week about how the air in the Bangor area just has this....funk. For lack of a nicer term.

Maybe the folks at the Bangor Dog Park could help spearhead the idea? A whole day of poo-scooping might be just what the area needs to get these crazy aromas under control. Especially the dog park.... It must be pungent over there. So, what do you think? April Stools Day? Yes or no?

I say we should just doo-doo it.

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