First let me admit, I am a dog guy. So when I read a story on pet adoption during the pandemic, something surprised me. Not that the adoption numbers are up during the pandemic, that makes perfect sense. More time at home is the perfect time to adopt an animal.

The fact that surprised me was in the national story I read it pointed out that more cats have been adopted than dogs. It hit me with surprise because of the earlier stated fact. I’m a dog guy. So of course I think, so is everyone. Sorry for the prejudice.

Here’s the link to the story. Connecticut had the highest rate of dog adoptions and New Hampshire the highest rate of cat adoptions. It’s cats on the west coast. East coast mostly favored dogs. Of course there are always exceptions, and Maine is one of them.

BananaStock, Getty Stock/ThinkStock
BananaStock, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

I reached out to Bangor Humane Society and here are their numbers.  During the pandemic, 926 cats have been adopted and 227 dogs have been adopted.

Kathryn Ravenscraft, Humane Society Director of Development says:

“What we’re preparing for right now is a possible influx of surrenders as the virus gathers speed and assistance for financially strapped families and individuals wanes. Specifically, if the protections for renters are lifted, that could be problematic. Over 70% of renters are pet owners. If the owners have nowhere to go, the pets will end up here.”

She also lets the community know:

“What we can really use as we prepare for that are donations of new or used linens and canned cat food of any variety.  Cash donations are also welcome- they go toward surgery costs for spay and neuter procedures, the purchase of vaccines and frequently used medications, and the treatment of any animals that may arrive ill or injured. It all gets used.”

If you can help out, contact the Bangor Humane Society.

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