Djvan Carter was on probation for domestic violence when he allegedly beat a woman with a hammer in a car in Alton.

Are There New Charges Against Him?

Djvan Carter, 45, of Milford was initially charged with aggravated attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault, and aggravated assault. Additional charges of terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, violating his probation, and kidnapping have now been added. He appeared remotely in court on Wednesday for a bail hearing. During the proceedings more details came to light, including a history of domestic abuse and the fact that he shot a police officer in 2003.

How Did Police Learn of Friday's Alleged Assault?

Maine State Police were alerted to his latest crime when his sister called 911 to report that he had allegedly attacked a woman and then took off in a car. WABI-TV reports that the sister had first called the mother of Carter's two children to warn her. When the car was located on the Argyle Road in Alton, Carter was allegedly beating a female passenger with a hammer. A Trooper ordered Carter out of the car, but he allegedly drove his vehicle at the Trooper, and was shot and wounded. According to the BDN, ADA Lynds said Carter allegedly told the victim he was going to kill her and then let the police kill him. The victim is still being treated at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center.

What is His History of Violence?

At the time of Friday's attack, Carter was on probation for a misdemeanor domestic assault charge against a different woman. On May 5th, a judge sentenced him to a year in prison, with all of it suspended, and two years probation. Neither woman has been identified by police, because they are victims of domestic violence.

In 2003, Djvan Carter was convicted in North Carolina of shooting a police officer and served time in prison.

Carter's bail has been set at $100,000 cash. A hearing on the motion to revoke his probation is set for June 22nd. He's being held without bail on that charge.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, help is available to you. Call the 24/7 helpline at 1-866-834-HELP (4357). Find more information on the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence website. 

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