Pay attention to those creative Maine Department of Transportation signs on I 95.

Don’t give in to the urge to drive distracted. The text can wait, or at the very least be dictated when traffic is not an issue.

Fatalities happen every day due to distracting driving. It can only happen once to you, and you’re a goner.

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Goner, as in not coming back. Stop and think. It’s permanent. Tough words, but factual.

Time for a pat on the back?

Maine is not high on the list of ‘The States with the most Distracted Drivers’.  Let us all keep that up.

And it is not just texting and driving.

Man eating an hamburger and working seated in car
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Distracted driving includes just checking your phone, or messing with the radio. Eating or Drinking. To crazy things like applying makeup.

Ever seen anyone shaving their legs while driving?  Me either, but there’s probably someone out there who might do it someday.

A third of Americans have indeed texted while driving in the past month.


Not Guilty?

It happens more in the Southern states than New England.

But we’ve probably done it, or certainly seen others texting without the use of a Bluetooth device.  Not cool.

However, the results show that Mainers are in the top 5 for fewest texts while driving in a survey from Assurance

We know that Mainers are among America’s best drivers. Don’t ruin that for the rest of us, or just as importantly, for yourself.

We are lucky in Maine to be able to look out the windows when we are driving and see beauty. Those texts can wait.

Courtesy Scott Norsworthy
Courtesy Scott Norsworthy

Or go old school. Call them on your hands-free speaker phone.

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