So, today is Abraham Lincoln's 209th birthday. Sure President's day is right around the corner, where we water down a few President's birthdays so we can all have a sweet excuse for another Monday off. But I got wondering, did the awesome town of Lincoln, name itself after the 16th President?

I did a bit of sleuthing about, and the short answer is, no. I discovered that we kept it far more local than that. According to, it was named after our State's sixth Governor, Enoch Lincoln in 1829. His biggest claim to fame as governor, was that he was instrumental in choosing Augusta as the site of our current state capitol.

There are many towns in Maine that were named after former presidents such as Jefferson, Monroe, and Van Buren. Clicking on any of those links will take you to the story of how and why they were named after former presidents. While still many others share the namesakes of former presidents, they are also named after other folks. For instance, the town of Clinton is definitely not named after Bill and Hillary!

Maybe you're a sucker for the backstory of things the way I am. If you are, you can do the same thing I just did, and lose yourself for two hours wondering how small towns in Maine got their name. Trust me, it'll keep you plenty entertained, and I won't even remind you that you're learning something!