Daylight Saving Time will begin as we spring our clocks forward one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday the 13th.

And continue for 8 months until it reverts to Standard Time on the first Sunday of November. That will be November 6th, 2022

Fight amongst yourselves. About half of us want to leave the clocks on Daylight Saving Time year-round. A third say leave the clocks on Standard time year-round. And just over 10% of Americans say, keep doing what we are doing all’s good here.

Sounds like most people do not like adjusting our clocks, and therefore our bodies twice each year.

And last year, the Sunshine Protection Act was re-introduced by Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. The legislation was co-sponsored by Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

But just like when the bill was introduced in 2019, it never got voted on in 2021 either.

Lawmakers from both parties continue to introduce bills in the House related to time changes.

16 states now have legislation that has passed into law that favors enacting Daylight Saving Time year round, but each or those state’s laws say it must happen at a Federal level to be enacted.

There are certainly benefits and drawbacks to having either year-round. For example, with DST year-round it wouldn’t be dark in the heart of winter by 4pm.

Of course, there is still the fact that the amount of sunshine or darkness doesn’t ever change. Only the positions on the hands of the clock.

For now, we Spring forward and Fall back.

For this weekend, we lose an hour of weekend.

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