Rascal Flatts released a new song 8 hours ago. How They Remember You.

"Did you make 'em laugh or make 'em cry? / Did you quit or did you try? / Live your dreams or let 'em die? They say the first time they heard this song, it reminded them of Bless The Broken Road.  Now you want to hear it, right.

Remember they’re saying farewell, and had to cancel their tour.  Not goodbye.  Just farewell for now.

Gabby Barrett certainly isn't complaining about being stuck at home with her new husband Cade Foehner during the coronavirus quarantine, but all the quality time was unexpected.

The newlyweds were both running pretty fast after getting married last October, with Barrett out promoting her eventual No. 1 hit I Hope and finishing her new Goldmine album (June 19) which also came out this morning/last night.  Gabby ‘s husband fyi is a writer trying to get his music career going.  Gabby’s new song the Good ones is about him, and he’s in the video.

“He always cries about songs that I write about him and it’s very sweet,” Barrett told Taste of Country..

There is a story to be told about Garth Brooks new song We Belong To Each Other.  The song's writer is still officially unknown, and a little research reveals why.

During Inside Studio G on June 15, Brooks' wife Trisha Yearwood tried to get him to talk about who wrote the song but he declined, smiling as he said he wanted to keep the focus on the unifying message. Their grins insinuated that Brooks (or perhaps Yearwood, in a rare moment of self-pride) wrote the song, or that some other well-known singer-songwriter penned it for the country legend. Here's the exchange:

Yearwood: Can we give some props to the writer?

Brooks: You know what, I think I'm gonna let people just hopefully enjoy the lyric first and then the writer will come out, because I don't want people to feel either way.

"Ain’t no wall can divide us / No matter how high / Ain’t no storm can untie us / For all it may try / We’re all leaves on the same tree / Under one sky / Don’t let nobody tell you, otherwise."

Garth says it’s his most controversial song ever, and my shiny new nickel says Trisha and he wrote it.

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