Who is the best-selling solo artist in the history of country music? , when he first auditioned for Capitol Records in Nashville, the label simply wasn't interested. Cindy knows.

Cindy Campbell archives
Cindy Campbell archives

Garth Brooks moved from Oklahoma to Nashville to take his shot at music stardom, but his first year in town was one rejection and disappointment after another, with Brooks working a retail job between gigs. He thought he'd finally caught a break when his manager, landed him an audition with Capitol Records in 1988.

Brooks played several of his songs for Capitol staffers at the audition, on April 4, 1988, after which they passed on the young singer-songwriter. But wait you know there’s more.

Weeks later, a discouraged Brooks was set to take part in a writer's round at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe. He was slated to play ninth, but the writer who was supposed to play second didn't show, and Brooks went on in that slot instead. Garth performed his song "If Tomorrow Never Comes." The guy from Capitol Records was there to see the guy who was supposed to be 2nd on the line up.  And after hearing Garth live was waiting when he got off stage saying

'Maybe we missed something here. Come to the label tomorrow. Let's talk.'"

Capitol signed Brooks  The rest as they say is history. Garth went on to become not only the biggest act at Capitol Nashville, but the biggest artist in country music.

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What’s Father’s Day like around Jason Aldean’s house. Well it’s also his wife Brittany’s birthday.

And they are living in their new house.  New mansion actually.

In a word Relaxing.  The weekend, not the house.  House is awesome. Weekend will be low key, with some food and drinks.

"I don't know!" Brittany exclaims when asked about her Father's Day plans with Jason. "It's my birthday right then, too. You know what, we'll probably just sit at the new house and cookout together and have a drink." New house has a bowling alley, just saying.

The couple have two toddlers, 2-year-old Memphis and 1-year-old Navy, in addition to the superstar's teen daughters from a previous marriage.

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