Morgan Wallen is back in the Nashville news.  Of course we all know about his arrest on Saturday night. Yesterday, The police released his mug shot to the media, and of course every television station had it on the news.Morgan’s reaction.  He took to Instagram with a photo of him smiling, and the caption just wanted another pic out there that’s not my mug shot lol. Good reaction.

But why does the mug shot get released 4 days later? And get off my lawn

If you’re up to here with your kids at home, here’s a story for you.

Zac Brown has been off the road and in quarantine and says he has been getting some much-appreciated extra time with his five kids. 4 daughters, 13, 12, 10 and 9. And a 6 year old son.

All together let’s spell the word patience.  Z-A-C B-R-O-W-N

Rosanne Cash tweeted the story of someone calling her daughter a disgusting name, simply because she was wearing a mask.

Her daughter, therefore Johnny Cash’s grand daughter was grocery shopping in Nashville, where she lives. And was wearing a mask.  A guy yelled at her, ‘liberal P word. She didn’t say which daughter, she has 4.

"Back story (sic): she nearly died of H1N1. She was in the ICU for a week, on a ventilator for 3 days. She CANNOT get covid. The ignorance & hatred is so painful. She’s trying to survive,"

If you refuse to wear a mask. Don’t judge. If you do wear a mask.  Don’t judge.

Leave you with these words.  Be kind.

And get off my lawn.

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