Labor Day weekend apparently was a big draw for celebrities visiting Maine. Martha Stewart was spotted in Kennebunkport enjoying a lobster dinner early in the week. Michael Cera was seen at the Taste 'O Maine restaurant likely taking on the largest lobster roll in the world. But Vacationland also got a visit from comedian Chelsea Handler, whose visit to Maine was a mixed bag.

Shared on Instagram, here's the good part of Chelsea's trip to Maine. While we don't know exactly which part of the state she visited, rumors suggest it was the northern tip, perhaps Madawaska. And if you've ever visited Madawaska, you know there's plenty of space to get in a nice morning run to and from the shower wearing simply a towel. It's not quite as uncommon as you might think. But Handler found another thing about Maine that she liked a whole lot less.

Shared on Twitter, on her road trip through the Pine Tree State, Handler stated that she observed many Confederate flags on display on cars as well as property. Handler has been a vocal critic of the Confederate flag and what message it can send in a modern society, and decided to use her Twitter account with more than 8 million followers to make a statement about it.

Handler's statements were met with mostly support of the condemnation although there some questioning the validity of her observations.

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