I was going through some reading material and came across a headline that read 'Pulling weeds is the most disliked chore, beating out cleaning the bathroom'.  It was from a radio prep site, so I'll also share their punch line. "and if cleaning the bathroom also involves pulling weeds, you're not cleaning it enough'.  Ha ha.

Got me to thinking.  I'm not a fan of pulling weeds.  One or two here or there, ok.  But actually doing big time weeding projects, no thanks.  Maybe if I did it more often... in more ways then one.  Weeds pop up everywhere, and are dense when you rarely get in and get rid of them.  Maybe I need to weed more then once every few years.

However, I have no issues cleaning a toilet.  I think most hate it because of the thought process that involves the 'icky' factor.  The chore isn't that bad really.  Neither is cleaning the sink or the shower.  The headline got me to thinking.  What is your most disliked household chore?  That's the Q106.5 Morning Show Poll this morning.  You don't have to do any chores, just let us know which one you're pushing further down your to-do list.

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