After 30 years with Q-106.5, I can't express enough what an amazing journey it's been, and how lucky I am to spend my days with such wonderful people!

Let me start by saying a huge 'THANK YOU' to my coworkers for the flowers and mementos that were left in my office this morning! I am humbled by the gesture and the fact that you remembered the day. For anyone who can't quite make out what those gifts are, there's a fishing wolf statue (I LOVE to fish!), and a 'doggy kisses' plaque from which I can hang pictures of my beloved dogs. Do they know me here or what?!

When I started working at Q-106.5, I was 25 years old and the mother of two little boys. I did a year of part-time weekend work with the station, and was then promoted to full-time on-air work. My youngest son came along about a year later and the path of my life was set.

There are a million memories that I could share, like the night I had to suffer through a five-hour shift after learning that my 6-year-old son was at the hospital with a broken arm. Or the evening in Nashville when the unknown-to-me songwriters at a guitar circle took a break and were replaced by Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Phil Vassar! (needless to say, they were welcomed as 'replacements.') Of course, there was 9/11, a day that will live with me forever. I was just about to go on the air when the first plane hit and, although the next few hours are a bit of a misty blur, it feels good to know that we were there to spread the word and to listen on the phone, when our listeners just needed an ear.

Like I said, it's been an amazing journey, and I can't wait for the next adventures it brings. Thanks to everyone I've worked with over my 30 years, and to all the listeners. I wouldn't be here today without all of you!

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