Today marks the transition into a new year for Chinese people.  Yes it’s Chinese New Year today, and the Year of the Rat ends and the Year of the Ox begins.

The reason that Chinese years are year of the fill in the animal here, are because of a mythical cross river race.  In that race for example the Ox arrived first but the rat sneaked off the Ox’s Back and scurried across to win.

Like the story from our childhood of the Tortoise and the Hare.  It ain’t over till it’s over.  Don’t slow down until you’ve crossed the line. Finish strong.  As one of my many hockey coaches from youth would say don’t just put the puck into the net, put it into the back of the net. Shoot hard enough to put it through the net and nobody is going to reach out at the last second to make the save.

Back to today, and Chinese New Year.  We will not have any parades that I know about in the State of Maine.  But those dragons and costumes and fire-crackers are exciting to watch.

Chinese New Year. Getty Images
Chinese New Year. Getty Images

And then the food.  It sure is easy to like Chinese food. So many options. And the idea of getting a whole bunch of entrees, each different, makes for a fun plate of food.  And it’s sometimes fun to eat, wait an hour or so, and have a taste for just a little bit more. Always room for an egg roll. Or another dumpling.

Oh, and don’t forget the fortune cookie. May every message this Chinese New Year be full of hope and health, especially this year.

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