I know, I know. After a day like today, most of us are asking ourselves why the hell we live here. What a friggin' mess out there. I literally shuffled across Monument Square. That was a much safer choice than actually walking with all the ice under foot from today's freezing rain.

When we are dealing with the pain of nasty winter weather, it's hard to keep the negative thoughts about what's falling from the sky, from clouding up our minds. Luckily, there really is so much fun to be had in the state of Maine in the wintertime to help keep us from absolutely losing it. We're all familiar with the traditional pleasures of stuff like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice skating, ice fishing, etc.

Then there's this extreme Mainer winter activity called ice racing. Yup. You heard it right. Race cars with chains on their tires going round and round out on the frozen lake!

Driving in to One City Center from Westbrook this morning during our little ice storm, I took it slow and easy down Forest Ave. The drivers in Greenville over the weekend did the exact opposite. Of course they were riding the hard water on Moosehead Lake, not on a Portland city street. So, it was all good. Very good.
Check out the frozen action from this past Saturday. Our friends at Black Spruce Images put together a fantastic video that captures all the excitement of West Cove Ice Racing

You can find out when the next race event will be by following the West Cove Ice Racing Facebook page. 

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