Attack ad season is over the top right now.  Honestly, it's been a problem all year but, with political season in it's final stretch before the general election on November 3.  As of right now, more than 100,000 Mainers have already voted using absentee or in-person early voting since voting began last week on Monday, October 5.

Well, it looks like the attack ads have caught on with a few local meteorologists on NewsCenter's weather team, specifically Keith Carson and Todd Gutner.  Luckily for us, they are attack ads filled with satire and intended only for a few hearty laughs.

The video starts with an attack ad on NewsCenter's Meteorologist Todd Gutner, first focusing on his eternal "out-of-stater" status, having come from Connecticut (you're least favorite New England state. The attack ad using a clever play on words to turn Connecticut to Connecti-can't and goes on to explain how Keith Carson has many negatives go against him including, being a cat person, eating his lobster rolls warm, stealing various touristy items and $7.50 from the Boothbay Chamber of Commerce in 2015 and using dark money - which has some sort of connection with dark clouds...?  And, kudos on the 'Hiding Someting' stamp font... the misspelling made me giggle... probably more than I should have.

Next the video focuses on the Keith Carson attack ad, which starts off with an accusatory voice-over guy stating Keith grew a beard to cover up his face then asking "What else is he hiding?" We have several photoshopped pictures of Todd as a crying baby then we see a pretty clear photo of Todd Gutner with a blurred-out, inappropriate hand gesture and stating that Keith Carson hates children.  His expression with the supposed gesture just solidifies its meaning and couldn't have been a more perfect picture for this attack ad. The ad also continues stating that Keith's son is "actually nothing but a political stunt."

I guess what it really comes down to is which attack ad was better- is the most attackiest, the one that gave you the biggest giggle?  Vote now!

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