I'm a sucker for a pretty sunset as much as the next person. My wife and I may have even planned our evening kayaking jaunts at camp around the sunset. Winter isn't always known for the breathtaking sunsets that summer is known for, but this drone footage shows just how colorful and amazing winter sunsets can be!

This footage, shot by my friend Eric Rovito, really brings it all home. From the deep purples and pinks behind the mountains, to a really cool view of the iconic Lucerne Inn, it definitely captures the wintry cold feel. Even all the warm colors of the sunset, still just showcase the quite cold of a winter evening.

You can take my word for it, or just watch the video yourself here:

I think maybe I'm missing out on all the fun. This makes me want to get my own drone shoot completely awesome videos like this, because lord knows my cell phone video game is totally awful. If you need a sweet video of a thumb covering the camera lens, give me a call. If you want gorgeous video of a majestic mountain sunset, call Eric.

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