Back in the day, the original Bangor Auditorium was as much of a fixture on Bangor's landscape as the Standpipe, or Paul Bunyan. That funky, oddly shaped, architectural V-Neck shirt was home to many memories for all of us. Whether we saw our first concert there, cheered on our high school team at the tourneys, or saw the Lumberjacks or the Windjammers play back in the day, we all had a memory from there.

Maybe when you were a kid you went to the car shows, or your parents dragged you to the Home Show. My grandfather always used to cut through the parking lot to get from Main Street over to Buck Street on our way home, something I still do to this day. I'/m not even sure it saves me any time, but it's so ingrained in my brain, it's almost just sheer muscle memory.

Don't get me wrong, the Cross Insurance Center is a dandy spot. Honestly, it's pretty much superior in every way. But don't you miss seeing that bizarre, geometric nightmare shape against the dusk sky, passing from Hampden into Bangor, or across the bridge from Brewer?

So since it's been five years since we lost our beloved Auditorium, I thought I would share this, fankly sad, video of the old B.A. being torn down. You might shed a small tear, or you might just be fascinated by all the big machines doing crazy work. You're choice. and it's cool how you can look through and see a whole back wall of seats. It's fun to watch, it just might ruin your otherwise good day.

So grab a tissue, and watch the fall of our dear, Bangor Auditorium.

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