Getting rid of e-waste is a huge pain in the butt.

Ever try to get rid of an old computer monitor? Especially a super outdated one? It's practically impossible. There are all sorts of things that make it so you can't just chuck that old dinosaur in the garbage. Never mind trying to donate an outdated one. No place wants your old monitor from 2002. Your only choice is to chuck it. But where?

for the last few years, aside from Covid, the Challenger Learning Center has always had a one day e-waste event where you could bring all these things and get rid of them. If you were feeling generous, you could also make a donation while you're at it. But due to the challenges of the last couple years, they've opted to switch things up a bit.

This year the e-waste event lasts all through the month of September.

But... there are some pretty significant changes. They won't be holding their one day event like before. This year, for the whole month of September, you can take all your old items straight to North Coast Services, which are the folks that the CLC partner with for their annual event.

It's open to anyone, from any community. You just have to bring your things to their location at 358 Emerson Mill Road in Hampden, inside of Pine Tree Waste, according to the CLC website. There is a little bit of explaining on how to do it just right, but they've even included a video to help you get it done right. Check it out:

This should make it all super easy. The whole thing kicks off on September 1st, and goes all month long. If you need more info, go right to the CLC website and see the whole thing...


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