The FBI says the Gang Task Force has captured a Maine man who was considered armed and dangerous.

Joshua Patrick Weldon was caught Friday in Sanford with FBI officials adding 'Captured' to his wanted poster, located on the FBI's website. Weldon was originally arrested on August 13th in Alfred, Maine and charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Fentanyl. He was held in jail until October 23rd, when he was released on the condition that he reside at a sober house. When Weldon failed to report to the location on October 24th and never made his scheduled appointment with his probation officer, an arrest warrant was issued. On November 6th, Sanford Police located him in a vehicle and tried, unsuccessfully, to get it to pull over. While a canine team tracked the man who had exited the car and fled on foot, he broke out the glass of a Springvale apartment's front door. At that point, he was listed as armed and dangerous.

A $5,000 reward was offered for information that led to Weldon's arrest. The Portland Press Herald reports the FBI's Boston office received dozens of tips that allowed the case to come to a successful conclusion. There's no word on whether the reward will be split among those who offered up tips as to Weldon's whereabouts.