Is Carrie Underwood taking up karate? Not exactly — but she did land a spot in the latest season of Cobra Kai on Netflix.

As the world streams Season 4 of the series — which dropped Dec. 31 — country fans should be delighted to find Underwood pop up in Ep. 9.

The "Wasted" singer appears as herself in a special performance during the 51st annual All-Valley Karate Championship. She opens the event addressing the crowd and reminding them that, "Everyone gets their moment. This one's yours," before she sings a song from the original Karate Kid soundtrack, "The Moment of Truth."

The characters even reference her husband during the episode Although they don't actually use Mike Fisher's name, they fit him into the storyline as a client of one of the people putting on the event.

The backstory of Underwood's surprise cameo is unknown, but the "Cry Pretty" singer does enjoy watching the Karate Kid spinoff series. She tweeted about watching the show in 2020, and though she didn't necessarily call her shot, sometimes all you have to do is put something like that into the universe and wait for the magic to happen.

The country star may have kicked off 2022 catching up on new episodes, too — she posted a photo of her wearing a what appears to be a bright red jacket with the Eagle Fang Karate logo on the back while holding a glass of white wine. In the caption, she jokes about how she acquired the outfit and teases about her time on set.

The "Drinking Alone" singer will continue her Las Vegas residency, Reflection, in 2022, with dates in March, April and May. She hasn't shared any details about a new country album in the works — Underwood spent much of 2021 promoting her gospel and Christmas albums. On March 26, she released her gospel project, My Savior, and also put out a deluxe version of her Christmas record, My Gift, on Sep. 24.

Carrie Underwood Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency Pictures

Carrie Underwood kicked off her Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency on Wednesday, Dec. 1. The show featured nearly two dozen hit songs plus a dazzling video wall and eight talented dancers who went to great heights to entertain the audience.

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