Survey says one-third can not! That's stunning to me.  Here's the survey. Ok, If you were raised in Foster care for example, you might not know your ancestry. But that can't be one third of people. We talked about this on the Q106.5 Morning Show and everyone was baffled by this survey. I will admit I'd struggle to go further back to name Great Grandparents and Great - Great Grandparents, but might be able to come up with some of those names.  Thanks to a Brother who put out Family Tree booklets for both sides of my family, I can always look it up, if so inclined.
I have fond memories of my Grandparents. And I remember their names, even though they're all long gone. Visiting my Grandparents every summer is how I got to visit Maine every summer.  Great childhood memories. Sorry if you don't.

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