Since conversations about the heat seem to be taking over all topics, I thought I'd share a super important number with you.....If you call 211, you can get the location of cooling centers near you. During this heat wave we're having around here, especially with the never-ending humidity, it's good to know where you can escape to for a little while and cool off.

Heat stroke is a serious possibility in the conditions we've been experiencing. So getting chilled out has never been more important. there's even a Maine based Facebook page you can follow, 211 Maine,  for up to date information. 211 offers many different services as well, but right now cooling stations are the big news.

So wherever you are, you can find a place to go and stop feeling like you're melting into the couch, and start feeling like a regular person again. Except in my case, it's gonna take a lot more than that to make me a regular person!

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