A short-lived spar, caught on camera, left one Maine buck down an antler.

Feeding season is getting feisty at a Maine deer pantry. The Brownville Deer Pantry highlighted a small bout, caught on their livestream. In the clip, you can see the big "bully" buck square-up against a smaller fella. With one blow, the bigger buck lost one of his antlers, sending him running off.

"Bully" buck hasn't strayed far from the deer pantry troughs. He's been a regular patron this season, easily distinguished by his new "unicorn" look. He's king of the troughs, as he doesn't seem to share well.

The troughs at the food pantry were filled for the first time this season, back on December 16. The Brownville Deer Pantry's YouTube channel features a live look at the feeding area, with six camera angles to watch the various visitors.

Donations are always welcome to help Richard McMahon keep the deer herd in the area well fed through the winter months. A GoFundMe is live to help fund the deer pantry's 14th season. The money from donations goes to purchase oats, food blocks, apples, and other supplies. The pantry utilizes about 700 pounds of feed per-day.

According to the GoFundMe page, "The oats, apples and feed blocks are purchased locally, supporting Maine businesses. This year we are projecting to need 35 tons of oats. We will be working with a new oats supplier from Sangerville, Maine, enabling us to purchase oats in bulk and utilize the silo this season. All donations go towards the purchase of oats, food blocks, apples, supplies and maintenance."

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