Bridgton Police honored a Lewiston resident after he likely saved a woman's life from a brutal attacker.

Melissa Scammon was walking to work just after 4:30 Saturday morning when she was hit from behind by a stranger, near 109 Portland Road in Bridgton. Police say he continued to violently attack her until a vehicle driven by Daniel Valsecchi of Lewiston happened onto the scene. Valsecchi said he noticed some of her belongings on the side of the road and then saw an injured woman on the ground and a man getting up off her. Valsecchi said he jumped out of his car and yelled at the assailant, causing the suspect to run off into the woods. He quickly got Scammon into his vehicle and took her to the hospital.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office brought a K9 team to assist Bridgton Police and they located 21-year-old John Mitchell of Bridgton. He's charged with multiple crimes, including aggravated assault and robbery.

Bridgton Police/ 7713Photography, ThinkStock
Bridgton Police/ 7713Photography, ThinkStock

On Tuesday, Bridgton Police honored Daniel Valsecchi with a Citizen's Life Saving Award for his bravery when he intervened and stopped the brutal attack. Police say this story could have had a very different outcome if not for Valsecchi's willingness to help.

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