A Bridgton man is facing multiple charges after being found passed out in his vehicle with 60 grams of fentanyl in his underwear.

Who Was Arrested?

Chester Beauchesne, 44, of Bridgton, was arrested on Sunday in Oxford when police found him unconscious in his vehicle.

What Was Seized From His Vehicle?

Members of the Oxford Police Department responded Sunday to the intersection of King Street and Cash Lane for a report of a man who appeared to be passed out at the wheel of a vehicle. When the Officers approached the car, Beauchesne allegedly tried to put it into drive and flee. Police removed him from the vehicle and allegedly found him to be under the influence of narcotics. Beauchesne was out on bail for a previous offense and so police had probable cause to place him under arrest.

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A search was conducted on his vehicle and officials found multiple 'edged' weapons, including a wood 'shiv,' which Beauchesne is prohibited from possessing. Also seized in the search were drug paraphernalia consistent with the trafficking of narcotics, $1,225 in cash, and a stolen license plate. He was taken to the Oxford County Jail for booking.

How Did They Find the Concealed Fentanyl?

When Beauchesne arrived at the jail, a strip search was conducted, which is normal procedure in this situation. During that search, officials found more than 60 grams of fentanyl concealed in the man's underwear.

Beauchesne now faces several charges, including:

  • Aggravated trafficking in fentanyl
  • Trafficking in prison contraband
  • Operating under the influence of drugs
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Violating conditions of release
  • Operating after suspension
  • Criminal forfeiture

At the time of his arrest, Beauchesne was out on bail for a number of charges:

  • Domestic violence criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon
  • Domestic violence assault
  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Aggravated trafficking in fentanyl
  • Trafficking in methamphetamine
  • Trafficking in cocaine
  • Assault on an officer
  • Assault
  • Trafficking in prison contraband
  • Falsifying physical evidence
  • Violating conditions of release.

He's being held at the Oxford County Jail with the possibility of bail.

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