A Brewer man who is accused of causing the death of his infant son has been arrested again for allegedly violating his bail conditions.

Ronald Harding, 36, was arrested in June after his 6-week-old son died at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. Harding had called 911 to report that his child was not breathing. The baby was taken to the hospital in critical condition and died the next day. An examination by the State Medical Examiner's Office determined that young Jaden had died from injuries sustained when he was shaken hard.

Police charged Harding with manslaughter and he was released on $3,000 cash bail. WGME-TV reports the conditions of that bail included having no contact with the child's mother or any children under the age of 12, no possessing firearms, and a curfew that prohibits him from being out of his house at night. Harding has pleaded not guilty to the charges and claims that he did not shake the child.

Brewer Police arrested Harding again this week, for allegedly violating his bail conditions by contacting his child's mother. She is due to testify at his trial. He's now being held without bail.

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