A while back, we told you all about how the city of Brewer had broken ground on an expansion of the Riverwalk. The expanded path will now extend beyond its current terminus near High Tide Restaurant, and go beyond the Chamberlain Bridge to Veteran's Park, near State Street. This will extend the trail from it's current length to just about a mile from where it begins on Hardy Street near Mason's.

Crews have been putting their shoulders to the grindstone and making fantastic progress. According to a post from FoxABC Maine, the've managed to cut a doorway through the abutment under the Chamberlain Bridge, and are poised to connect the two trails into one. Brewer Economic Development Director D'Arcy Main-Boyington says it's great to see things moving so quickly.

There's obviously a lot more work to be done in that area. But it's exciting for all of us. We've been excited for years since we started designing it. So this is a real tangible, visible milestone.

Work is expected to wrap up in the fall, and folks will be able to enjoy the fantastic new Riverwalk, which is very exciting. Long term plans will extend the Riverwalk even farther, eventually bringing it all the way down to the Veteran's Memorial bridge. My wife and I love a good walk by the water, so we can't wait! Maybe we'll see you out there!

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