I'm not certain where I got my love of books from, so I say 'Thank You Anonymous'. Today is Book Lovers Day. I'm all in. Love books! Mostly non-fiction, biographies.

Today is Anna Kendrick's 32nd Birthday. She wrote a book. I read it. Good book, especially for someone so young. She grew up in Portland, and includes stories from there, but what stuck me was her incredible sense of humor.

Remember when Presidents would release a list of books they were going to read over the summer? Gee, I didn't see our current President's list. But if you're looking for a great summer book, we can go back to this day in 1854. Henry David Thoreau published his book about living in a small cabin at Walden Pond. Nice New England book.

And from The Q106.5 Morning Show this morning, if you have trouble falling asleep at night, an easy fix is to put down your mobile device and read a book. A real book, made of paper and ink, not by reading on your tablet or phone. Research says that'll help you unwind. Sounds good to me.

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