I received a picture of this truck over the weekend that's sporting a sticker or sign from Q-106.5's original logo. This sign has to be nearly 30 years old!

Vanessa Corey, who used to do middays for us, sent the picture to me on Sunday evening and I was shocked. I mean, I haven't seen one of these signs since my early days at the radio station. I don't know how this logo is affixed to the truck, but I remember that we used to have magnetic signs to turn our personal cars into official station vehicles. Maybe this is one of those?

When Q-106.5 first went on the air, we were part of a nationwide satellite network that provided all but our morning show programming. The logos were the same throughout the country, with those horizontal lines through the 'Q-106.5.' The lines were dropped from the logo once we got rid of the satellite programming. You can see, in one of the photos (above), the same logo on my station shirt.

Thanks to Vanessa for this blast from the past! It's an awesome reminder of where the station started and of my beginnings here 30 years ago. I sure hope I'm not as rusty as that truck!

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