This week WABI-TV5 has brought a very special man to my attention that I have just fallin' in love with.  They aired two segments about Ed this week, one focused on his time in the Navy to focus on Veteran's Day and a second segment was aired to share the effervescent man who is about to celebrate his 100th birthday.

He is Ed Hendrickson.  He has had a long, adventurous and courageous life and will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Saturday.

Come by and celebrate a birthday parade to social distance but show your love for Ed!  Cars are going to be lining up at the Brewer High School at 8:30 to drive by his independent living home not too from this meeting location.

WABI-TV5's Brittany McHatten sat down with Ed, who resides in Brewer, this week to talk with him about his time in the Navy.  Ed got enlisted in the Navy in 1942 where he spent his time flying planes in the South Pacific.  He had experiences of being shot at in his dive bombers and escaping perilous situations.

Ed got married to the love of his life Effie and raised a family together.  After a long illness, Effie passing in 2007, Ed kept his positive outlook on the forefront.  One of Ed's hobbies is skiing and, at the age of 93, earned Sugarloaf's Iron Man award after skiing for 95 days in a row.

Ed stays active with regular walks around his home and working out with weights.  Ed's tips for a long healthy life sound very much about how to take care of your body, including staying active but also... "Stay away from too much buttah, sugar and all that stuff."  But, he knows you need to treat yourself occasionally.  He's treat is crab rolls and lobster rolls.

Here's a Happy Birthday to you, Ed!  Your community loves you and we are grateful to celebrate 100 years with you!

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