There's a lot of talk about two things in the office this week: New England is in the Big Game, and the Bangor Wedding Show. Now, these two things may seem worlds apart, but do they need to be?

There seems to be a lot of couples in Maine that could maybe get their marriages off on the right foot(ball), if they just chose to combine these things.

For instance, check out this video of the Groomsmen running a play in the middle of the ceremony to get the ring to the groom...

Now just re-imagine this whole scenario, but in New England football uniforms. Seems like a no brainer!!

To me, this seems like the answer to a lot of folks prayers. Everyone gets to feel good. The bride gets her Big Day, and the groom actually feels like he won the Big Game.

And of course, for all the wedding ideas you could possibly need, go to the Bangor Wedding Show this Sunday from 12:00p.m.- 3:00p.m. at the Cross Insurance Center. If you need tickets, get those here.

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