CNN Travel has declared this Maine town the 4th best in the US of A ... to visit ... in 2024. You know what - we'll take it. Thanks CNN. First, which three towns beat one of Maine's PLETHRA of beautiful towns on this incredibly inaccurate (author of this article's opinion, but also not wrong) CNN Travel's top-10 list.

The Number One Town to Visit in 2024 NOT in Maine According to CNN

Richmond, Virginia Prepares For Possible Protests On Lobby Day
Getty Images/Patrick Smith

Richmond is No. 1 on the list thanks to rich arts, culture and history, plus a great food and beverage scene. - CNN Travel

Ok, it's Virginia's capital city. I like Virginia. I hear that it's for lovers. I LOVE the bordering Washington D.C. area, but number one on the MUST visit towns list for 2024? I don't see it.

CNN Travel references Richmond's BOOMING beverage scene. We can get drunk anywhere and LOVE the city, town, neighborhood, building, bar, sidewalk, field, ditch, etc. Alcohol will make you LOVE anything, except for Richmond as number 1, and it certainly doesn't beat Maine's "best town to visit in 2024."

The Number Two Town to Visit in 2024 NOT in Maine According to CNN

Aerial panorama of Providence, Rhode Island

Providence is No. 2 on the list thanks to vibrant art, design and architecture and serious culinary credentials. - CNN Travel

Providence, Rhode Island is more challenging to oppose at number 2 on the best towns to visit list. I've never been, but all the photos I have seen are stunning. The capital city of Rhode Island sits on the water. There is a lot of art, a lot of history, and a lot of culture. I can't find much of an argument that Providence doesn't deserve to be where it sits on CNN Travel's list, but does it beat Maine's town at number 4?

The Final Best Town to Visit in 2024 Before A Town in Maine According to CNN

Aerial view of Tacoma and Mount Rainier

Tacoma is No. 3 on the list thanks to a stunning setting, glittering glass art and a range of outdoor activities. - CNN Travel

Once again, I cannot argue with CNN Travel on their choice at number 3 for best towns to visit in 2024. It sits on a beautiful bay surrounding by inlets. It is so close to Seattle where you can easily experience a big city life, while escaping back to the slower-paced town feel. The impressive and active stratovolcano Mount Ranier is in the backdrop. Tacoma deserves number 3, but is it superior to Maine's town at number 4?

Portland, Maine Sits at Number Four on CNN's Best Town's to Visit in 2024

Portland, Maine, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.
Getty Images/Sean Pavone

Portland, Maine is No. 4 on the list thanks to its next-level food scene, spectacular setting and outdoor activities. - CNN Travel

Clearly, any Maine town belongs at number 1 on this list from CNN Travel, including Portland. Is there an area where you can get fresher Atlantic seafood? Where else can you live in a 2024 world and walk among so much active architecture from the 1800s?

Portland, Maine, USA at Portland Head Light.

Not to mention, lighthouses - including the oldest head light since America became America. Portland has been vibing with the times since 1600s. It was the best to visit in 1624, just as it should be in 2024.

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