Weeks have turned into days. Soon it'll be hours. Here it comes.  Christmas is almost upon us. I have to say I still enjoy Christmas, and the season, but must admit that Christmas changed for me once my Mother passed away. As an adult I always lived away, and traveled back for at least a day or two to celebrate the Christmas Eve Family Reunion. When my Mom was still able to handle it, she hosted dinner and we'd cram 30 people into that small little house I'd grown up in. What great memories.

Townsquare Media Bangor
Townsquare Media Bangor

When I was very young we didn't get everything we wanted. But my Mother, with toddlers young enough to need her constantly, took a part time seasonal job at the post office, sorting mail overnights, to earn extra money so she could make sure her family had a great Christmas. And we did. I can't imagine when she got any sleep the month of December. Even if we only got a couple of presents each, we always had a great Christmas. The memories are flooding back.

To the point.  Best Christmas gift....ever?  Easy.  I was bitten by the radio bug when I was about 11 or 12 years old. And that's what I wanted for a Christmas present one year back then.  My own radio to listen to in my room. Mom nailed it.  Thanks Mom.

And before the days turn into hours, let me say to anyone reading this 'Thank you for listening' I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a great 2019. And thank you for allowing me to 'live the dream' each and every day.

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