Like most kids growing up in the 60's, we were enamored with the man known as Charles Atlas, whose picture and "how-to" build muscle book we found at the back of every comic, right next to the itching powder and x-ray glasses. Remember? Or were you like me and content with getting the sand kicked in your face at the beach. Of course we didn't have sandy beaches back home in Presque Isle, Maine, but I did get potato dirt kicked in my eyes a time or two, does that count?

Our infatuation with muscles has been around since the beginning of time. Even in the bible's book of Judges, Samson received supernatural strength from the Almighty. And if you look at all the paintings and sculptures of ancient times, men were muscle bound freaks of nature.

I've heard all the reasoning as to why we should maintain solid muscle strength throughout our existence here on earth, but many of the beefy guys I know hit the gym for one reason and one reason only--the ladies.

Ladies, you can deny it, but I've heard enough comments and read enough in social media to know otherwise. But what I didn't know is that there are certain muscle groups that get your attention quicker than others.

What are they? Click the muscle head below and read for yourself. I gotta get back to my chocolate donut and Mochachino--with extra sugar of course.