Be heard. Vote November 3rd.

Q106.5 has joined with other radio stations nationwide in a non-partisan effort to get people’s voices heard in the upcoming Federal Election.

Voting. It’s the most American thing there is. It’s how you improve your world. It’s how you make things better. Does one vote really matter? It sure does. Want to be heard? Vote. Register now to vote this November. Register to Exercise your most basic American right.

Voting really is the most basic American right. It is what makes the country function. As individuals, we garner information, think about what direction we want the country take, and then vote for the candidate who most closely reflects our personal thoughts and beliefs.

So many do not participate in the process. By the number of politically oriented memes and posts on social media you’d think we had hundreds and hundreds of millions of voters in this country. Actually, far from it. But this is such an important part of the American Way.

Be heard. Vote November 3rd.

If you’d like to help your fellow citizens to make sure they are registered to vote and get out and vote, and would like to participate in our initiative, we’d love your voice to be heard helping Q106.5 spread the though. With the Q106.5 APP click the Be Heard button and simply record yourself saying: “Hi I’m (name). Be Heard. Vote November 3rd."

If you would like to include more, go for it.

And thanks in advance. Here’s hoping more of us, regardless of affiliation, are heard, and Vote November 3rd.

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