I grew up watching "I Dream of Jeannie." And I hoped, as I think most young female fans did, that someday I'd look that great in a costume like that. Well now, as Barbara Eden and I are both much older, I still hope that I can look as good as she did the other night when she donned the trademark costume at the age of 78!

I remember watching the show with my Mom when I was young, and hearing her talk about how cool it would be to blink your eyes and the house is clean...or dinner is made. For me, I was in love with Jeannie's "master" and the beautiful costume that she wore.

Barbara has always been a beautiful woman. But she proved it Saturday night when she wore a nearly-identical costume at the Life Ball charity event in Vienna, Austria. Wow! She looks amazing! 78 years old...and still rocking the midsection. She even bared her controversial belly button! For those who don't know, it was a huge deal with the network censors when the show came out. Jeannie was NOT allowed to show her navel. Scandalous!

Click on Barbara's picture and, in a blink, you'll see how beautiful she looks!