Outside Magazine is asking readers to help them determine the 'Best Town' in America. After weeks of voting Bar Harbor has made it into the final four, representing the east coast.

To come up with the initial contestants Outside Magazine looked for places with great access to trails and public lands, thriving restaurants and neighborhoods, and a good beer scene. They excluded the winners and runners-up from the past three years to make room for hidden gems, underdogs, and towns on the rise.

The finalists included towns from states all over the country and after the most recent round only four towns remain including Bar Harbor as round five begins. In round four Bar Harbor beat Middletown, Vermont with 52% of the vote.

Bar Harbor is currently taking on Chattanooga, Tennessee as Eau Clair, Wisconsin and Port Angeles, Washington battle it out to determine the final two. So far Port Angeles is ahead with 58.8% of the votes. But there is still plenty of time!

You may vote once per round per matchup. The winner will be the town with the most votes on June 5. You can vote at Outsideonline.com, the current round ends May 28th.