The founder of the Team Mimi Charity Baseball Tournament has received a national humanitarian award and is the subject of a documentary.

Tommy Hosmer started the baseball tournament before he was 10 years old, as a way to honor his grandmother, who had died of cancer. He told us no family should have to lose someone to cancer, so he wanted to find a way to raise money for research. And the annual baseball tournament was born.

Earlier this year, Tommy heard from a representative with U. S. Cellular, who said they wanted to consider his charity for their 'Future of Good' campaign. It involved a $10,000 donation to Team Mimi and the making of a documentary about his tournament. But it was October and the tournament is held in the spring. So he and his family quickly put together a home run derby, gathered prizes for the winners, and a documentary was born.

On Giving Tuesday, U.S. Cellular announced that Hosmer is one of 17 youths nationwide to receive the humanitarian award. His documentary is now featured on their 'The Future of Good' website, along with the story of Team Mimi. It's well-deserved, as his charity has raised over $41,000 for cancer research in the last six years.

Congratulations, Tom, on a job well done!

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