It's finally getting nice enough out there, that folks will soon be out in droves, wanting to go different places with their digs to get some exercise. Who wouldn't? With all the trails, and the City Forest, there are all sorts of great places to go and get into nature a little, while also enjoying some quality time with your doggo.

But the city of Bangor is reminding people that there are some spots where your dog must be on a leash. Whether it's a danger to your dog, or it's a high pedestrian traffic area, there are just times when leashing is necessary. And, though it's hard to believe, some folks are just not dog people, and don't feel comfortable around an unleashed dog.

For instance, the Bangor City Forest. Some spots you must, some spots it's ok to let them off for a bit. Speaking to WABI TV-5, Bangor Parks and Recreation Director, Tracy Willette had this to say:

At City Forest, which would be some of the Main Road, some of Tripp Drive, all the East Trail, those general areas of that side of the City Forest are on leash requirement at all times.

And it's not arbitrary rules being imposed by the city. It's all following the state guidelines for animal control. Which says animals must be under the control of their owner at all times. And again, there are plenty of places where you can let the dog roam a bit, but be familiar with the rules in whatever are you like to frequent the most.

The city will also be adding some new signage where necessary, to make it clearer to folks where Spot needs to be kept on a leash, and where Spot can frolic freely. They want everyone to be able to enjoy the trails and feel safe doing it. But I promise if I come upon you and your dog at the City Forest, I will gladly give your dog lots of pats and snuggles.

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