'Dirty Jobs' host Mike Rowe has offered kudos to Bangor Police Sergeant Tim Cotton for his work on the Department's Facebook page, and 'Got Warrants' was featured on Rowe's blog this week.

He's narrated everything from 'American Chopper' to 'Ghost Lab,' but Mike Rowe is best known for his sense of humor and willingness to get his hands (and everything else) dirty as host of the Discovery Channel show 'Dirty Jobs.' His silly facial expressions and intelligent sense of humor make him the perfect foil for a show that often puts him in unsavory situations.

It's that often dry sense of humor that I find most appealing about Rowe, who also shares it on his blog. I was delighted, a year ago, when I saw on the blog that his dog looks a lot like my own Copernicus! And now I'm even more excited to see that he is paying homage to the amazing writing style of Bangor's own Tim Cotton.

The former radio guy-turned-cop has taken a modest Facebook account and made it world-famous, through his amazing writing style, and with a little help from the Duck of Justice. Sergeant Cotton even won the 'Humor Writer of the Month Award' from the Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop for his witty repartee. Much like Rowe, TC's style is full of dry and intelligent humor, and is always fun to read. Unless, I suppose, he's talking about you!

This week, Mike Rowe highlighted one of the favorite features on the Bangor PD's page, 'Got Warrants.' The article included a woman driving in bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and a man with no shirt. Just a typical day in Bangor.

Congratulations to Sergeant Tim Cotton and the Bangor Police Department for, once again, gaining national recognition. Well-deserved!