The Bangor Parks and Recreation Department will host a Touch a Truck & Treat event  Thursday the 28th.  It’ll be held at the Cross Insurance Center in their parking lot between the hours of 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. As if a garbage truck isn't scary enough anytime of the year.

Information is also available on their Facebook page. First though, whom ever from the Bangor Parks and Rec Department who wrote the information please get up from your computer and go tell any co-workers near and far that “You Rock”.

Their words:

“Mummies, Dads and all other parental like creatures. Bring your ghosts, skeletons, zombies vampires and other ghastly monsters to come see some ghoul vehicles. Our haunted staff will be circling like vultures to answer any questions you may have.’

Bravo, Encore, Encore. Author, Author. You had us at Mummies.

And Bonus. Some excellent news from a nutritionist which you can find if you google deep enough, saying that it’s best to not totally disallow your kids from having Halloween treats.  When denied kids might sneak treats, and given that situation over indulge with large quantities of candy at one time. Also it’s best to avoid sugar free or candy advertising low carbs, and just have the real thing, in moderation.  Who doesn’t love that advice. Here’s the story from Nutritionist Amanda Frankeny

Okay parental like creatures.  Get your kids to Bangor Parks and Recs event at Cross Insurance Center's parking lot next Thursday the 28th. And if you have a truck that might make a scary addition reach out to Bangor Parks and Recreation, now.

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