The State Fire Marshal's Office has charged a Bangor man with arson for a fire outside a North Brewer shopping center.

Who Is the Suspect?

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says Brendan McCourtney, 34, of Bangor is charged with arson and criminal mischief.

What Happened?

Those charges stem from a fire on September 22nd near the main entrance to Paradis Shop 'n Save supermarket in Brewer. It was approximately 1:30 that morning when Brewer Police responded to the North Brewer Shopping Center and found a fire near a wooden bench, located in front of the store.

The State Fire Marshal's Office was called and an investigation that was launched, which included a video surveillance recording that allegedly showed an unidentified male leaving Mad Kat's Bar and Grill, which is located next door to the grocery store. In the video, he was allegedly seen lighting fire to a stack of newspapers that were next to the bench. The man was eventually identified as McCourtney.

Was Anyone Hurt?

No one was hurt in the incident.

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