A Bangor man is facing charges after allegedly pulling a knife on another customer at the Big Apple on State Street.

Bangor Police say the altercation happened just before 4:30 Monday afternoon. The call was originally reported as a robbery at the Big Apple convenience store at 146 State Street. After questioning people in the store, police learned that a customer had confronted a man who was allegedly trying to shoplift something.

As a result of that confrontation, the suspect decided not to steal the property, but then got into a verbal argument with the customer. During that altercation, the suspect allegedly displayed a knife before fleeing the store.

A K9 unit was called and tracked the suspect to Center Street. As a result, Michael Decarvalho, 29, of Bangor was arrested and charged with attempted theft and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

Decarvalho was taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

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