The summer’s only just started, and yet boating deaths for the year have reached double digits, so the Maine Warden service has put out a plea to all boaters to wear their life jackets. It’s required that everyone on a watercraft have a life jacket, but not required by law that adults wear them, and too many people assume they’ll have time to get to them in an emergency. Corporal John MacDonald suggests investing in inflatable life vests that stay deflated until submerged in water, so they’re out of the way and not cumbersome to wear.

Lawmakers have reached the last official day of the session but are expected to stay for another week or so to hash out a budget deal. Loose ends to tie up include Governor Paul LePage's $6.8 billion, two-year budget proposal. The budget is due June 30 to avoid a government shutdown and negotiations have stalled over education funding.

A Brewer group that helps young people in, or who are seeking recovery from substance abuse disorder will give back to the community tomorrow as they work to cleanup the environment. Volunteers will be at the Eastern and Community park in Brewer, starting at 5:00 Thursday afternoon and invite others to drop by for water, snacks, hygiene products, and great company.

Camp Capella has a new van for the summer, thanks to the folks at Darling’s Auto Group. The dealership has loaned the van to the Camp, that serves children with disabilities. It will enable campers with transportation challenges to still be able to take part in the day program. The van will be used to pick up campers from a Bangor location to bring them to the camp on Phillips Lake in Dedham.

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