State Police released details Friday about the accident that led to the death of Detective Ben Campbell in April. The loaded log truck reportedly had faulty wheel hubs, which contributed to the wheels coming off the vehicle. One of those wheels traveled behind the police cruiser, and followed the guardrail until it fatally struck Campbell.

A man is in custody after allegedly brandishing a gun during a robbery at a Glenburn convenience store Friday night. The owner of Tocci's Checkout on the Pushaw Road told WVII-TV that the man appeared intoxicated and never pointed the gun at him. No one was hurt in the incident.

A bill awaiting Governor Mills’s approval would give the state until March of next year to adopt water quality rules that ensure sustenance fishing rights and protect against toxic pollutants. The bill would designate certain water bodies for sustenance fishing, if there may be increased fish consumption by tribes or other citizens.

170 African immigrants have arrived in the city of Portland, seeking asylum. City officials have created a temporary shelter for the people who have fled to the U.S. from the Republic of Congo. In one week, more than 500 of the African migrants crossed into the U.S. at the Texas border and word is spreading that Portland is a welcoming place.

Former Governor Paul LePage has a new job, working as a bartender at McSeagulls Restaurant in Boothbay Harbor. LePage's wife, Ann, also works there, as a server. The couple is back in Maine for the summer, after spending the winter at their home in Florida.

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