State Workers who have today off because of the government shutdown will be paid for an administrative leave, after Governor Paul Lepage decided it was unfair to make them pay for lawmaker’s inability to pass a budget. Those employees designated as emergency personnel, who must work today, will receive a compensatory vacation day to be taken at a later date. The shutdown went into effect on July 1st.

Maine experienced three tornadoes Saturday, with the first touching down at Sebago Lake. That was ruled an EF-Zero, or the smallest of possible tornadoes. The other two, spotted in Bridgton, were one step higher on the scale and damaged trees, utility poles, vehicles, and some structures.

A wetter-than-normal spring in the Northeast is behind a bumper crop of mosquitoes as Americans begin grilling and enjoying outdoor activities. That's raising concerns about a possible spike in mosquito-borne illnesses. Mainers are urged to wear bug repellant to decrease the possibilities of getting bit.

Fireworks are already being heard around Maine, as residents celebrate the upcoming Independence Day. While they’re a lot of fun, fire officials also warn users to be careful, never modifying a device or picking up a device that appears to be a dud. In addition, keep fireworks out of the hands of children and follow the town’s guidelines for hours of operation.

A small sailboat built by high school students in Kennebunk has traveled across the Atlantic, washing ashore in Scotland. The Portland Press Herald reports that the blue and white sail is a bit tattered but the solar panel, camera and sensors appear to be undamaged. All told, the 5-foot boat spent 168 days and 12 hours at sea, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and sailing up and down the coast of Portugal before ending up in Scotland.

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