The quick-thinking of a Wade man saved the life of a teenager after the youth’s vehicle struck a tree and caught fire. WLBZ-TV reports Damian Languell heard the crash from his nearby house and ran to help, cutting the teen’s seatbelt and pulling him to safety just before the car was totally engulfed in flames. The 16-year-old from nearby Washburn was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The Maine CDC is asking residents to take precautions after a man was diagnosed with a rare virus transmitted by mosquitoes. The Kennebec County man showed symptoms of Jamestown Canyon virus as early as June, which may be the first ever reported case in the state. Jamestown Canyon virus causes flu-like symptoms, but can also include inflammation in or around the brain.

The Maine woods will soon be filled with sugary treats as the season for laying bear bait begins on July 29th. The doughnuts and cakes lure the bears to a feeding ground, where they can then be hunted from August 28th to September 23rd. Wardens advise never running from a bear, but calling out loudly and making oneself appear as big as possible to intimidate the bear so it will retreat.

The Town of Newburgh is being protected by its own fire department once again as the ranks are nearly full in a department that saw its entire staff resign two months ago. A dispute with the town council over several factors including a refusal to re-hire the former fire chief caused all the volunteer members to quit in a single night. Local fire calls have been covered by neighboring towns in the interim, but the BDN reports the membership is now at a level where Newburgh Fire can once again continue operations.

Senator Susan Collins was surprised Friday night when singer Cyndi Lauper pulled her onto center stage during her performance in Bangor. The Maine senator has been a big supporter of Lauper’s True Colors fund, which works to end homelessness among LGBT youth. Collins’ efforts have helped to bring more than 40 million dollars in grant funding to provide resources like shelters and programs across the country.


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